The Writer

The Writer
The Writer

She needs a break

through her writings to balance her life,

work and ministry,

and for the sake of her sanity….

she also realizes that the comfort God has given her,

He wants her now to share with others who are suffering..

so they will sense His care and love..

She likes the world poems, literature masterpieces…,

she had been fascinated by the puzzling words of philosophy, rhythms and rhymes of the beautiful sentences in good books and articles…

she wants to have her own published books someday that will tell her children and grandchildren about her life and work, and also her beloved country

She lived in Hammer City right now, though she has a big dream that one day

she could have a time to go around the world…

to enjoy the beauty of cultures, people, children, nice places…

that will amazed her…

and she will thank her Master that her life is full of grace, love

and also full of pain, hurt and miserable,

that could be a mixing awesome reason that she will be chosen to live again if she can have a second chance…

what a life!


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